June 21st - June 28th, 2020.

8-day Energy Awareness retreat with Eric Dowsett in Mandali, Italy.

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The path of the fearless open heart.
Move beyond limitations, allow the old paradigm based on past conditioning and disempowerment to fall away and effortlessly co-create a new reality based on compassion & awareness. This week long program will give you the tools, the awareness & the ability to gently disengage your energies from old, destructive patterns and begin to create a new reality for yourself, your family & community. The retreat offers a unique blend of teaching, clearing exercises, meditation and silent time with Eric Dowsett, founder of the energy clearing method. Infused with living foods this program is dedicated to exploring and strengthening your awareness around who and what shows up in your life and why. 

As your ability to understand the dynamics that create your experience increases so does your ability to make fundamental changes. Add to this mix the dynamics of the compassionate heart and this union of noticing and embracing provides an energetic shift releasing old charge from your personal energy system and the spaces you inhabit. 

You will be guided in applying and integrating a revolutionary simple and practical way of dealing with Life so you feel grounded, whole, healthy, vital, complete and self-empowered. This retreat is open to all those who seek to move beyond past limitations. 

Eric Dowsett
Swiss based author and teacher, Eric Dowsett, has been sharing ‘Clearing’, changing the way we view ourselves and our relationship to the environment, for over 28 years. His compassionate presence allows a safe space to relax and let go. Eric’s unique language combined with his clear, energetic and lighthearted presence creates the perfect environment to let this understanding in on a very deep level. Learning first hand from the source is an opportunity not to be missed! 

Eric will provide you with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the underlying mechanisms that initiate and perpetuate limiting belief patterns. These insights are very helpful steps in making friends with the Self, so it can return to a useful and helpful state, no longer needing to control things from a very contracted place. Sharing old wisdom and new insights mixed with his own experiences, Eric presents a unique and liberating way of being in the world based on awareness and compassion.

Paradox is life’s logic 
Our conditioned mind has led us to believe that we have to understand a problem and to do something in order to achieve change. The paradox in clearing is that the less we ‘do’ based on our limited understanding and the more we notice and let be change occurs all by itself in a way we could never imagine. 

In this program we consciously create an environment in which you can relax and wind down. This allows you to be more pro-active and creative than ever before, coming from a place of clarity and flow, rather than from fear and contraction. You will loose the need for ‘protection’ and feel more grounded in dealing with who and what presents in your life. 

Energy Clearing
There will be many different clearing opportunities throughout the week varying from personal clearings in pairs and groups, clearing yourself, remote clearing and small group sessions with Eric. We will explore the energies of the buildings, the land and the surroundings to further develop our awareness and sensitivity of the impact space and the environment has upon us, clearing as required. 

Silence & Meditation
Spending time in silence allows us to notice more and become aware, a pre-requisite for clearing. Throughout the week there will be silent periods during the day including some silent meals and silence during clearing exercises. The program will include various meditations, including sitting, guided, walking, a Japanese temple meditation and writing meditation. 

Living foods. 
Your body plays an important part in noticing what goes in your awareness as well as the processing of information whilst clearing. Feeding the body with high grade organic food that has been grown, produced and cooked with awareness will help you to relax, energize and detox. 

Mandali Retreat Center
Only an hour’s drive from Milan, Mandali is a beautiful retreat center built on a hilltop, overlooking lake Orta in Northern Italy. Set 850 metres above sea level, the site faces southeast, enjoying the morning sun rising over the Mottarone mountain range across the lake. 

The classic feng shui dream of enjoying the inspiration of the sun, lake and valley in front of us, whilst being supported and protected by the buildings, trees and gardens behind is a functioning reality at Mandali. All rooms are tastefully furnished with ensuite facilities. There is a beautiful spa with a sauna, steam bath, indoor swimming pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the mountains and the lake. 

Date & Time
Sunday June 21st - Sunday June 28th, 2020.

  • Start: Sunday June 21st at 15:00 hrs. (3. pm)
  • End: Sunday June 28st at 12:00 (noon).

Mandali Retreat Center
Via Belvedere 2
28898 Quarna Sopra (VB)

Room types & pricing.

  • Rooms will be allocated in order of booking.
  • Prices include full board and tuition, exclude airfares and transfers to and from Mandali.
  • Shared room with lake view; 4 people share: €1595.
  • Hermitage room with garden view; 3 people share: €1645.
  • Twin share room with garden view, 2 people share: €1695.
  • Twin share room lake view, 2 people share: €1795.
  • Single room with garden view: €1795.
  • Single room with lake view: €1895.
  • Premium twin share room with lake view: €1895.
  • Premium single room with lake view: €1995.

Payment, early bird idscount and repeaters discount.

  • Non-refundable deposit: €350.
  • Early Bird discount: when you book and pay the deposit beforeJanuaruyr 1st, 2020: €100 will be taken off final payment.
  • Repeaters discount: €100 (to be taken off final payment) – Anyone who has attended a Residential Program with Eric in the last 5 years.
  • Cost includes accommodation, meals and tuition.
  • Cost does not include massages or transfers to/from Mandali.
  • Payment by International bank transfer is preferred, other payments (Paypal / Credit Card) incur a surcharge.
  • Interest free payment in terms:  It is possible to pay the retretat fee minus the €350 deposit in equal monthly terms until the end of May 2020.  Please be aware your bank may charge you for making international transfers and if you do not pay in Euro's or Swiss Francs, exchange rates may apply. All these charges are at your expense which means that if you pay in terms you have to make sure after paying all instalments the entire retreat fee is paid in full.

Cancellation Policy.

  • Non-refundable deposit is €350.
  • When cancelling:
    • Up till 6 months before the start of the retreat: 100% refund (room price less €350 deposit).
    • Between 3-6 months before the start of the retreat: 50% refund (room price less €350 deposit).
    • Less than 3 months before the start of the retreat: no refund.

Information and booking.

  • Juno Burger 
    tel: +31 (0)6 24 60 37 32 
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