Realease Energy Work by Juno Burger

brings tangible relief from stagnation or unrest in yourself, your home or your business. It also hands you practical insights and tools into the nature of subtle energy exchange between people and the spaces they live and work in.

I am available for energetic clearing consults for both people and spaces. This can be on-site or remotely. In the RealEase workshop you learn to energetically clear yourself, others and spaces. I also teach longer clearing retreats to deepen both your understanding of and experience with this way of being. Together with Tijn Touber I host seven day silent retreats in Mandali, Italy.

Juno Burger

I choose the path of the compassionate heart. My innate sensitivity to subtle energies has prompted me in my life to learn to deal with it in such a way that it doesn’t adversely affect me, I don’t have to close myself off or react unknowingly and incompetently.

For the past 25 years I have invested in embracing life itself. I consciously use the time with myself, the people I meet and the places I visit to find out where I can expand to be even more compassionate. .

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