The Invitation

Once nothing has to change, everything changes.

What exactly is happening when you feel all tensed up after you’ve met someone? Why do you feel so drained after a Saturday afternoon at IKEA? In all sorts of encounters – with people and spaces – there’s a dynamic energetic interaction at work that affects your personal energy balance. Once you understand the energetic principles underlying these kinds of situations, you can deal with them more consciously, and they won’t trigger you as quickly or as intensely any longer. You’ll come back to a place of authentic power, a vibrant state of being where you have unlimited access to clarity, energy and flow. Here, life takes care of you, invigorates you and presents solutions that the mind couldn’t have come up with.

The Invitation invites you to deal with your experiences in a radically different way. With amazing simplicity, you’ll give yourself access to the intelligence of your compassionate heart and you’ll learn how to clear and recharge your energetic system. Ultimately, you’ll be able to consciously experience the infinite diversity of life and let it all be, as it is, without wanting to change it. And once nothing has to change, everything changes!

“Thanks to The Invitation, my new guiding principle is ‘let it be’.”

– Giel Beelen, Kukuru podcast