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Energy, also known as Chi or life force, underlies every aspect of our reality. Everything in the world can be thought of as energy, information or frequency. Like a stream of water, energy can flow, stagnate, feed, destroy, erode or polish. Free flowing energy in organizations forms the basis for harmonious teamwork, smooth running projects and thriving companies.

Energetically, your organization is a very complex system of interaction and interdependent factors, most obvious being the people and the environment. Engels When energy stagnates and stops flowing in a harmonious way, problems, stress and decreasing results arise, both in the workforcel and in the organization.

Energy is invisible, but it also surrounds and permeates us. You can’t see electricity, but when you press the switch, the light turns on. Working with energy in your company is the same. Realease business clearing can bring your organization into a more profitable and coherent state of flow and empower your organization how to stay there through training. When your company is in this “flow”, positive results will follow automatically.


When the energy in your organization ‘flows’ in a more harmonious way, the company works better as a team, just like a well-maintained machine. Results unfold with less effort and are achieved organically. All life on Earth has a natural rhythm when given the chance, there is the possibility that life flows and harmonizes your organization with its environment. Bring your company into this “flow” and experience the valuable effects yourself.

Engels Despite the fluid and invisible character of flow, it is a measurable force in organizations. People and organizations in flow report more clarity, effortlessness and focus. Individuals within an organization in “flow” feel connected and in sync with their actions; they are one with their achievements. Engels This sense of unity can spread to a person’s environment and to a whole group of people working together.

Realease business clearing

What are the situations and signals that show that the energy is not working optimally for your organization? What kind of problems arise when energy stagnates or blocks?

A few examples:

  • High(er) illness and burnout cases among employees;
  • Conflicts between “personalities” and teams in the workplace;
  • Decreasing productivity, efficiency and profitability.
  • Constant, recurring problems that drain the energy of personnel and management.

Most problems originate from underlying energy patterns and disturbances in the “flow” of energy. This is where a Realease business energy clearing can help your business premises, employees and situations.


A Realease business clearing of a commercial property is based on the number of square meters of the office building and the number of employees who work in it.

Before clearing, an energy scan of the property is made, after which clearing of the property and the employees takes place.

Office/practice at home
€ 377,-
1-20 employees
€ 610,-
21-40 employees
€ 987,-
41-60 employees
€ 1597,-
61-75 employees
€ 2584,-
75-100 employees
€ 4181,-
>100 employees
On request

All corporate rates are ex. VAT

Customized Energy Clearing
in business

Apart from the energy clearing of a building and / or employees, a clearing can bring movement into a stuck conflict, provide clarity and direction in creative processes or support employees with health challenges in recovery and reintegration.