Meet me where I am.

Dear You,

I come to you bearing gifts,
two elements that forge a key.
Where awareness meets compassion, a door opens
and you access an open, fearless heart space.

I invite you here, into my house.
Bring all of you
and find it welcomed, embraced, owned.
Brought home.

Because I am this,
That which is aware and embraces,
The act of being aware and embracing,
That which is made aware and is embraced.

I am this, every aspect of it.
Past, present and future,
Every particle, waveform, energy and frequency,
the physical manifestation and the entire underlying energetic constitution.

The known, the unknown,
The seen, the unseen,
The born, the unborn,
The manifest, the unmanifested.

The revealed, and the concealed,
The contracted and the boundless,
The hidden and the shown,
The light and the dark,
The conscious and the subconscious,
The aware and the unaware…

I am this.