18-point Energy Scan

55,00 45,45 ex. BTW

This extensive analysis tells you which 18 possible sources of disturbance are present in your house, how they affect the energy of the house and how you respond to it as occupant(s).

This scan tells you how the balance between active and passive energy is and what the origin of the biggest disturbance in the house is. I look at the influences of emotions left behind in and around the house, earth energies and electrostress.


When ordering the 18-point Energy scan, you will receive it as a PDF file via email within 3 working days of your order.

€ 55 Discount code

When you order the 18-point energy scan, you will receive a discount code of € 55 separately by email. If you use that discount code within a year, you will receive the € 55 that you paid for the scan back when you a space clearing of  your house remotely or on location.

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