Energetic space clearing on site

377,00 311,57 ex. BTW

In this extensive consultation on location, the emphasis is not only on the energetic cleaning of the house and the residents, but also on a lot of awareness and extra personal support. I explain in detail what energies can be disruptive in your home and how they affect you as resident(s). I then neutralize the energetic load in and around the house. Afterwards I will tell you which disturbances I have encountered and cleaned. All residents receive a remote personal energetic clearing that helps to get in balance with the new energetic situation of the house.

Extra addition

The current residents receive, depending on the number of family members, a weekly personal clearing on Friday for 2 months after cleaning the house.

After receiving your booking I will contact you to schedule an appointment.

First & last name. One name per line.

The travel costs are a combination of fuel, depreciation, travel time and parking fee. The travel time is calculated based on the distance from Noordwijk (ZH) to your home. These travel costs can be calculated in your shopping cart before payment.