Free Friday Autumn offer

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Remote personal clearing every Friday for two months (October & November ’21)


What can energy work at a distance bring you:

  • Peace and energy, at the same time!
  • Better balance between feeling and thinking.
  • More freely dealing with what arises.
  • Lose less energy, build up more energy.

Free Friday works like this:

  • Free Friday is not a subscription, you are not committed to anything. You book for a period of 1 month, starting on the first of each month. Some months have 4 Fridays, others 5. Weekly clearing stops automatically after the end of the month. I will email you a week before the end of the month if you want to continue with the weekly sessions for another month.
  • When you book, the first clearing starts on the first Friday of the following month.
  • The clearings are always on Friday. You don’t have to be at home to receive the clearing. Time and space do not play a role in energy work, this is why the clearing can be done remotely. Many people experience, despite the physical absence, a clear connection and the release of stress.
  • A remote clearing works through tuning in to your name. In doing so, I pick up the stress that you can safely release at that moment. Clearing does not require knowing or understanding the origin of the’problem’. You do not have to send an extensive email, your name is sufficient.
  • To keep Free Friday affordable and workable, there is no verbal or written feedback about what I felt during the sessions or what it might mean. The emphasis is on what you experience: if it feels better, it is better! Of course I would like to hear your feedback.
  • At the time of clearing how to not be at home, you don’t have to prepare, do or leave anything. I will email you after the clearing, letting you know it is done.

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